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PO Box 30677, Wonderboompoort, RSA, 0033
 Website: www.yadahministries.co.za
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(+27)722442609 or (+27)721164420
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  1. Dear Rene,
    I have a brother who’s wife passed away a little over a year ago and he slipped back into alcoholism. I picked him up a week ago and we worked through a few issues but best of all the Holy Spirit stepped in when we on Sunday listened to the message on Kyknet where Dr Isak Burger preached about the Holy Spirit. After the message I talked to him and he surrendered to Jesus and since then we experienced that the Holy Spirit teaches him about his spirit and how to cope with things. My friend Charmaine Blomerus told me about a talk you have on Saturday 10th September in OM LInk in Hatfield. Is it possible for my two brothers can attend and if so what is the address.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Marietjie Thorburn

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